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Therma Print

Waterproof Labels

One of the first to operate a Gerber Edge in the UK. We have great experience in producing waterproof interior and exterior grade labels for virtually any application.

Graphics are thermally printed resins, heat bonded onto self adhesive vinyl. The base colour of the vinyl can be white, black, clear or a wide choice of colours to suit your application. Print colour are a from a huge range of spot colours, including white, 4 colour process, translucent, flourescent, spot varnish and even metallic foils in any combination. Not only that, labels and self adhesive signs can be cut to shape as square, round corner or custom contour as required.

Our Therma Print has other advantages too, as unlike screen printing, it is a flexible process and very cost effective, even if you only require a low print run of various sizes. Ask for a quote at

Text and Effects

The 'Edge' Therma Print can also produce graphics from your vector artwork, printing keylines or drop shadows or effects on text, as well as match complex colours. Longevity is retained by Resin pigments layed down directly on the self adhesive vinyl. The speciallly formulated Pigments are resistent to fading and UV stable for 3-5 years and can also be sealed with scuff resistent seals.

Applications include:

Asset Labels

Fire Exit Signs

Health and Safety Signs

Promotional Labels

QR Codes

Vehicle Graphics