How to create Effective wayfinding signage


The key to building in simplicity is to present information concisely, any symbols need to be consistent throughout the building, text and layout should reflect branding style, creating signage that remains consistent across the organisation, regardless of its location.


GEL recommends that abbreviations are avoided so that signage is clear to new or regular visitors. Text should be kept as large as possible to help the visually impaired.

Room identification signs can carry additional functional components such as sliding indicators that signify when a room is free or occupied and customisable inserts. Our DDA compliant signs use tactile lettering and Braille format to ensure they are accessible to all.


GEL indoor room sign systems are manufactured using a wide range of materials, are designed to be elegant and visually pleasing, robust, tamper-proof, easily updatable and low maintenance.

From start to finish guide you through the many and varied options in order to meet your precise requirements.


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GEL can provide a comprehensive range of signage from health and safety, flat, three dimensional, window graphics, display images, vehicle and beyond